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made easy.

The all-in-one platform to manage your digital resources so your community can discover, access, and explore them with ease.

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Manage these and more with Centralbase

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Easy deployment

Deploy your own feature-rich digital platform with modern design and accessibility practices.

Centrally managed

Reduce redundancy and have your updates and changes be directly pushed out to the right places.

Simple maintenance

Our cloud-based solution requires no installations or expensive IT overheads. Simply log in and take control.

Your resources in one place.

A place for you and your community to digitally connect.
Have your members explore your eResources with ease and have them discover why your library is more than just books.

Digital Space

Your own platform with a focus on accessibility, compatibility, and user engagement.

Our awesome features
Dedicated pages

Move away from static web pages and bulk hyperlinks. Each resource has its own auto-generated dedicated page.

Our awesome features
Dynamic information

Eliminate redundancy and push out updates to the relevant places with only a couple of clicks.

Our awesome features

Increase engagement through modern design practices.

Your online resources are more important now than ever. Our cloud-based infrastructure gives you the ability to easily deploy your own modern digital library, without the technical complexity.

Manage without the pain.

Streamline your management process and eliminate redundancy with our all-in-one management system.

Update your resources in one place and have your platform be automatically updated.

Securely store supplier details, contracts, and other important data for easy information retrieval.

Our awesome features
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Innovate your digital presence today.