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The all-in-one platform to manage your digital resources so your community can discover, access, and explore them with ease.

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Manage and showcase your favourite services

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No more hyperlinks and complicated web pages.

Easily create your dedicated online space to showcase and manage your digital library. With user-centered design and powerful tools, Centralbase makes it easy for your community to access your digital resources.

Digital Space

Host your resources on your own platform with a focus on accessibility, compatibility, and user engagement.

Our awesome features
Dedicated pages

Move away from static web pages and bulk hyperlinks. Utilise dedicated pages with real-time dynamic search.

Our awesome features
Dynamic information

Have information be dynamically updated in all the right places with a couple of clicks.

Our awesome features

Rapid Deployment

Our cloud-based solution requires no installations or expensive IT overheads giving libraries the ability to launch their dedicated digital platform without the complexity.

Simply Managed

Streamline your operations and have your resource updates be automatically pushed to your digital library with ease.

Automatic Maintenance

Our system automatically takes care of the backend operations such as backups, and system upgrades so you can focus on your work.

Ready-to-go Tools

Inbuilt functionalities such as smart tagging, powerful search, dynamic pages, and accessibility tools to give your community the power to effectively explore.

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To give libraries of all sizes the ability to efficiently upgrade their digital presence without expensive and complex technical requirements.

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